I was a bit skeptical with this game being a KN (which is being changed), but i was wrong and I ended up loving it.
I’m also so glad that we see the two friends from ‘Just Another Bubble’ back, HOWEVER.. I do not agree with the model change of the youngest friend, the first model fitted her personality and age better while the new model seems a bit.. Old? I guess?

But besides that you can expect SuperWriter’s usual quality writing in this exciting VN with a good balance between sweet moments, action and lewds. And I can’t wait to see how the addition of choices turns out.

If you want to play a vampire VN where the MC doesn’t have erectile dysfunction, has a good amount of content and nice clean renders, you should definitely give this VN a try.


Nova1811 ***This review will be replaced by an official Steam review once the game is published on there***