I am loving this game, anyone who reads my reviews will know, I am very harsh on games, especially games of this genre, but this one I do like and enjoy, it is perfect? hell no, but what is these days, if you like games like sisterly lust, then you will love this one, yes game lacks music and animations, but then again so does sisterly lust, and that game is great, this one even beats that, the character development of the girls is great, the MC doesn’t have much development, but then again MC very rarely do, normally games of this genre have that character you just can’t stand, however that isn’t the case here, all the girls are great, and in a playthrough you feel that you are starting to care for them, Secret Summer is one of my fave games of this genre, and if I had to score it out of 5, I would give it a 4 out of 5.