Very enjoyable game so far. The looks are really good and the renders are great. The women look really good even tho it kinda feels like the dev tried hard to satisfy everyones taste in women with the three women you get to be with. But besides the goatee of the MC which looks absolutely hideous btw the characters in this game do look beautiful.
The Story is pretty good with the challenges you have to face on your journey and has a good mix of action happening and moments to calm down. I really enjoy the pace in which the story is progressing and the pace in which the MC develops a relationship to the Lis. Its good that every relationship has its own pace and is connected to the character of the women.
The choices are mainly focused on relationship points and it would be great to have more choices that influence how the story is progressing. I always enjoy Vns where the choices influence how you behave or how you develop certain skills which isnt the case here but the choices still let you feel like you are involved in the outcome of the story so its alright imo.

Overall i can say this is a top-tier VN even tho its has no music or sound but i guess a lot of people dont really care about that. Im excited to see where this will go and i hope to see the Dev getting back to Sun Breed after this is finished.


DABOMB00 ***This review will be replaced by an official Steam review once the game is published on there***