I’ve played quite a few games and visual Novels, including the GIANTS like Being A ***, Acting Lessons, Leap of Faith, and Treasure of Nadia, plus quite a few other great ones. Secret Summer was awesome! I can’t believe the negative reviews on this one. There is some really good writing here and a heart-warming sacrifice. Yeah yeah, I get it with the INCEST thing, that aside, just type in friends or cousins, whatever. But these are some of the best 4k quality renders I’ve ever seen, And I thought the renders from Being A *** were great, these may be better! I got this VN on sale but I would have payed full price. It’s a long, very good story with lots of superb images of these hotties. If you’re only about the pics and sex scenes, then you really should skip VN’s. You’re missing the point. The HOT pics and scenes compliment the story and not vise versa And we all know stories like this don’t happen in real life, that’s why they’re called stories. The negative reviews of this VN make me laugh and I for one hope these developers keep writing more! If you want your money’s worth, buy this one, you’ll love it! Oh, and to the developers, thanks for “bringing in” some of the other characters from the “other story”, very surprising!!! Loved it!!!