This is an intimate exploration of the sexual relationship between a father and his adult daughter, with his fiancee and her husband as the only relevant side characters. Through timeskips, we have a story developing at a realistic pace for the characters, without needing to bore the audience.

Pregnancy is very well handled: It happens early enough that we actually get to experience the swollen belly (and feet!), putting together the crib for the baby, getting the ultrasounds, etc.

There is cheating, but to me, the protagonist remains likable (and Kelly, the daughter, is a sweetheart anyway). Only her husband is a bit of an asshole, but that may be needed to make cuckholding him not feel bad anyway.

Having played 0.04, I’m really looking forward to see where this goes.

RandyTyr ***This review will be replaced by an official Steam review once the game is published on there***