I have purchased and played through about 30 different adult visual novels and of those Secret Summer and Picture Perfect are in the top 5. Of the 30 visual novels I have played through about half are of the same taboo nature as Secret Summer and Picture Perfect, but aside from those 2 the rest are thinly veiled using the relationships between the characters being “roommate” and “landlord” and the stories make no sense in that context, so I appreciate Secret Summer and Picture Perfect not using the thinly veiled terms to avoid the direct taboo. You have to keep in mind these are fantasy adult visual novels that are no different they porn of the same nature. Because Secret Summer and Picture Perfect do directly deal with this taboo they are at the top of my list of taboo games. Between the 2, both have pros and cons that make it difficult to say which I like more, but between the 2 I would have to give Secret Summer the #1 position because I do have a thing for red heads and I am not a fan of tattoos, piercings, or unnaturally colored hair, so of the 15 or so taboo adult visual novels I have, Secret Summer is #1 and Picture Perfect is #2, In fact in relation to the 30 or so adult visual novels I have purchased and played through only one beats them out for the #1 spot, but it is not of the same taboo nature as Secret Summer or Picture Perfect. I also like the character crossovers between the 2 games making one a spin off of the other. I also like the fact that the female character do NOT have massive boobs, so many of these games have all of the female characters with massive boobs that are unrealistic and disproportionate. I do wish it was more alternate ending options pertaining to the girls, where you could have a pregnancy/marriage ending for each of the girls and a solo ending with no pregnancy for the one that does have that ending.