well where to beggin>>>>one of the most intrigued games over here but like i ready told the dev a number of nices things abut this game
1- the mc isnt a douchebag and isnt a 12 years old pussy chaser ,he have a nice background and a normal behavior.
2-the gorls are all lovely ,you have for all tastes,,
3-the script or background story is compelling so no much of thinker for me.
4-dev is such a nice guy even when he is mad xdd but someone who just reach out of you asking to chat about his game and why he should being put work again .devs like him who put time to talk to his fames even if they arent his pledges worth to try,
and finally a nice work overall and nice to see that sometimes a word reach out in time let the dev thinking if he is doing something right or wrong.totally worth my time to wait for next update of him finally have time and strenght to do it.

shamtiiomi ***This review will be replaced by an official Steam review once the game is published on there***