Picture Perfect (PP) is a DAZ3D/Ren’Py Adult VN. The adult subject matter in this game is incest. Incest has been a popular genre for porn the last few years in the mainstream, but it’s been a staple in Japan for ages. And these adult VNs owe their origins to the Japanese gaming community.

I’m not a literal fan of Incest, but I do enjoy the taboo aspect of it. Like the idea of possibly getting caught having sex in a public place or with people nearby. “Incest” allows for similar taboo excitement without being locked into theatrical situations like public sex. I guess I enjoy figurative incest?

I got curious after one play through and found that the Dev (SuperWriter, SW) was a self-publishing adult novel and short story author now working on adapting their stories to adult VNs. This would explain the “kinetic” VN effect there is on the choices presented in the game, so far. There are always two choices and it’s easy to spot the “right” answer. Choosing the other changes dialogue, but does not appear to branch the story. I get really annoyed by complex, branching story lines in these games that require multiply plays and saves at specific points to get a complete story, so I don’t have any issue with these types of choices or game structure.

Graphically, it’s actually above average for DAZ. Especially considering this is a freshman outing. Probably 99% of what you see in these games are free, purchased, or pirated assets. It takes time to pose, stage, and then render these scenes. And if there’s animation included, even more time. So almost NO ONE is also taking the time to learn Blender or something similar and doing the modeling and texturing as well. That’s why they SO often have the same models and backgrounds appear everywhere. I’ve seen the MC used before a few times, but the Paris and Miracle models used once in other games that I’ve played. And since this was their first game, I imagine certain graphical oddities can be attributed to learning as they worked. I really liked Paris’ blue hair and body, she was an in initial favorite, but I think Sasha is my favorite at this point for just being more interesting and a badass.

Anyone with time and effort can learn to do something in DAZ and Ren’Py. Having it come together as an enjoyable visual story that doesn’t read like Russian pushed through Google Translate and 100% stock assets is a rare find in this genre. Doing that on a schedule for more than a year as well as working on other games in the mix is noteworthy in this field. I don’t put this on the same scale as the tops in this genre, but it also isn’t priced the same.

Picture Perfect is worth it, for me, and I look forward to seeing the future chapters and what else SuperWriter offers as they get better with the trade.