About Me

I guess I should start by introducing myself, huh? I’m a person who found their secret passion writing erotica, and have published 30 full-length stories on sites like Amazon and Smashwords. Now, I’m adapting some of those juicy stories into VISUAL NOVEL format, because who doesn’t like a little eye candy? 😉 So join me on this journey and I promise you will not regret it.

Latest Reviews

Reconnecting Review by RandyTyr

This is an intimate exploration of the sexual relationship between a father and his adult daughter, with his fiancee and her husband as the only relevant side characters. Through timeskips, we have a story developing at a realistic pace for the characters, without...

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Reconnecting Review by RustyShackleford415

Very cute story. Super writer knows their way around a story and this one is no exception. A little sad that this will also be a short story but that also means we will get a conclusion quicker than expected. l look forward to the next games that will be longer....

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Reconnecting Review by Lamia Hera

Another amazing work from the dev. Pregnancy in early of the game development always make me excited to play and looking forward of the game development. The graphic probably similar to the dev previous game but i belive the dev will improve it for the better like he...

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