Life has been tough for you as a half vampire. First, your human female caretaker and vampire male caretaker are killed when you’re still fairly young. But it brings you closer to the human sisters Valentine and Camilla, with whom you share the same female caretaker.

And there’s also the full vampires Aditi and Najah that you’re just as close with, with you having the same vampire male caretaker as them. And being full vampires, they don’t exactly see eye to eye with the human sisters, but you try to keep the peace as much as possible.

That becomes a lot more difficult when vampires and humans alike suddenly start coming up dead. The very same way your mother and male caretaker died. Before you were young and weak, but now as a relations officer between vampires and humans, you will investigate who or what exactly is doing this and finally get your revenge.

Although the path to revenge may not be as simple as it seems.